Solid Foundations

Mixed-Mode Circuits and Systems

We work with customers at both the system level and component design level. Our specialty is in the design of electronic systems having analog, digital, and software. Critical decisions such as: what should be integrated and what should be discrete; what should be software, and what should be hardware; what should be digital and what should be analog; what digital should be controller based, what should be discrete chips, what should be FPGA based, and what should should be custom logic, are hard to change after a project is started. We ensure you make the right system-design choices early, and we can help or completely design all the sub-components for you. We can also produce, test, and deliver, small to modest volume solutions.

Our current product offerings, based on previous opportunities, are directed towards integrated digital PLL's, and discrete intelligent sensor interfaces. For these products, we bring extensive previous developments that the customer is not expected to pay for. We also have four decades of experience in practically all electronic circuits and systems; this experience is your best guarantee in getting your design right, and to market quickly.

Business Model

Our business model is flexible, and we can engage with any model that makes sense. Since we are primarily a Design Services Company, a Time and Materials Model often is the most appropriate. In this model, the customer pays reasonable fees for our efforts directly in support of the customer's project, not for our previous developments. The customer can terminate the engagement at any time with a short notice. We have high confidence that once engaged, the customer will recognize the value of our contributions and use our services to completion.

White Papers

White Paper describing Sensor Interface Conditioners and demonstration platform.

White Paperr describing GSC's general purpose 0.5GHz-7.5GHz 40LP digital PLL with fractional/N functionality; one of four DPLL's GSC has developed.